5 Firefox Extensions I'd Go Crazy Without
From March 14, 2007

I'm a big user of Mozilla Firefox because of seemingly endless number of extensions for it. Of all of those many extensions, I find myself using 5 of them a LOT. Oh and on a sidenote, these aren't all design related. To get these extensions, click the name.

Color Zilla
Other than having part of this site's name, this extension is cool because it lets you extract colors from any website. What I mean is that using this tool, you can click on any part of a website and it displays the hex code for whatever color you clicked on. This can be GREAT for web designing, because sometimes a site has a color scheme you just gotta borrow.

Downloads In Tab
For those that use Opera, such as my self, we know about the joy of having EVERYTHING tabbed. About information, downloads, etc. are all presented to us in tabs, instead of the popups that FF provides. Well this extension is one step closer to a Opera-like set up. When you download something, it takes the download popup and turns it into a tab.

So you're sitting at your computer listening to Media Player or iTunes on shuffle while you're hanging out at your favorite website. And then UHOH!!!! Some crappy emo song comes on! AHH! What do you do?! You gotta minimize FF, bring itunes or MP up, click the next button and hope to God that never happens again. UNTIL NOW. With FoxyTunes, you don't have to leave your FF window if some crappy emo band comes on. FT puts a small control area in the bottom right (as default, but you can relocate) of your window. From there you can view artist information, change songs, pause, start, and pretty much do all of the basic stuff you can do in all media playing programs.

Imagine this...You're reading an article or something on a website and there's like 5 links in the paragraphs written like "www.zilladesigns.net", without it linking to anything. So now you gotta highlight, copy, paste, and hit enter to get to that site. But Linkification has come along to save us! This awesome extension, which can be turned on or off for different sites, turns anything that looks like a link into a link. I mostly use this at Gamefaqs.com's forums, since for whatever reason, you can't add links in your posts.

Video Downloader
You know how you watch, but not download videos off of sites like youtube, google video, etc.? Well using Video Downloader, you can. When on a page that has a streaming video, just click on the Video Downloader icon (in the bottom right of the screen) and it'll bring up a window that lists all of the available videos. Then you can download them. Unfortunately they come in flash format, but there are converters out there on the internet that can take care of that.