Linux on Your iPod?
From February 16, 2007

Earlier this week while looking around Google for something (I can't remember what) I stumbled upon a list of things you can do with your ipod. One was record audio files for free (the standard method requires a special ipod attachement.) with a microphone plugged into the ipod. One link led to another and I found out that in order to record audio files, you needed an application. And in order to use the application, you needed Linux for ipod. I was reluctant to install it, because I was afraid it would void my warrenty. But after some reading, I discovered that since it doesn't change any of Apple's software, it doesn't void the warrenty. It does this by partitioning the harddrive. Before you get all "woo hoo I'm getting this!", I must warn you that, for me at least, everytime I update linux-related files (applications, games, schemes, etc.) it deletes some of my music. I've been searching around ipod linux's forum for answers, but I have yet to find them. Also, you'll have to keep the apple os and the linux os on the ipod, because linux does not yet have a way to play music on its own. Although there are applications that can be installed that allow it to do so. Either way, I would suggest keeping a backup of your music on your computer just in case. iPod Linux can be found here.