Those Pesky Mac Commercials
From February 27, 2007

We've all seen them. Mac, the smug guy that looks like he hasnt showered in weeks, burns PC, the nice business man who looks clean. Well I'm here to debunk the two latest of these commercials.

First is the upgrade commercial. Now in it, PC claims that his "major surgery" involves the changing of memory, processor, and graphics card. I've performed 2/3 of those "major surgeries" (memory and graphics card)without any prior knowledge of how to do it. And I can tell you right now that they are anything but major surgery. Switching out your memory (or RAM) is just about the easiest upgrade you can perform. You pop open your computer and either replace a stick of memory (it has small clips you unclip) or you add another stick of it (if there's another slot available). Then you turn your computer back on and presto you've just upgraded your memory. There is no way you can kill your computer while changing ram. Same goes for graphics cards. You install the necessary drivers (and disable your other graphics card if its attached to the motherboard), turn off the computer, open it up an put your new one in. Reboot the computer and after a moment or two, you'll be able to say you just upgraded your graphics card. As you can see, upgrading to Vista is anything but "major surgery".

Next is the security commercial. This commercial is trying to convince you that every two seconds Vista requests your permission to do something. They're leaving out one tiny detail. The requests only pop up when you're installing/modifying/uninstalling a program. I've been using Vista for a day now and the only time I've seen the requests was when I was installing games, software, etc. But I must admit that commercial is pretty funny. A load of horse crap, but still funny.

Oh and one last thing...Vista isn't as bad at backward compatibility as you've heard. I transfered all of my programs from my old computer to my Vista and only one didn't work. After a quick update of that program though, it worked fine. - is a freelance creative team established by two IT specialist. Freelance Creative Team providing a full range of web services including custom affordable website design, web page design and search engine optimization solutions for small business.