Phoenix: web-based image editor
From August 22, 2008

Under the "Aviary" umbrella brandname you can find four separate web-based graphic applications:

- a tool for color swatching (Toucan);
- a visual pattern editor (Peacock);
- a scalable vector art tool (Raven);
- and Phoenix, an image editor.

These apps are developed to run with one another.
Phoenix is one of the most useful tools in this collection.

Among the advantages of Phoenix I’d like to notice that you can save layered images while other web-based image editors and drawers are not able to save the layers as single elements, even if they have layer support. Also it’s possible to download images just from your Facebook, Picasa or Flickr profile, but there’s no possibility to save them back to mentioned websites.

As for the time it can take more than a minute to download and execute pictures with the help of Phoenix. It depends on the speed of your Internet connection, the type of your browser and your processor characteristics. There is a limitation with any web-based image editor, but speaking frankly to you Phoenix was the longest to load to my web browser in comparison with the others.

I’ve found that it took about 2/3 of a minute to load Phoenix under Google Chrome. I can compare it with Pixlr which took only 5 seconds with the help of Google Chrome. But I need to admit that after Phoenix’s code has been cached in my browser, the application loaded more quickly when I opened it the second time.

The icons you see along the left side of the window are the Phoenix’s tools. You simply need to click on some function which you can find under the proper tool. Let’s imagine, you need the eraser tool. In order to use it you click the Paintbrush Tool button and make your choice (the eraser). Mentioned secondary menu tool window is live until you click the button of some other toolbox class. That’s why it can slow your work. I’d like to notice that on the other hand, such a menu helps to keep the area of your work clear so that a lot of this space you can use for showing the picture you are working on.

Drafts of your images can be viewed and criticized because of collaboration features that are available in Phoenix. If you’d like to keep your images private, you need to pay a monthly fee of about $10. Also you can pay about $100 yearly. When you use Phoenix for free your pictures will be immediately available to everybody. They will appear in the Aviary community as soon as you save it to your Aviary files.